Art Resources

Here are some other awesome products that will boost your digital art!

Kyle's Mega Pack

Kyle's Brushes

Kyle T. Webster is a very talented illustrator who has created some wonderful custom brushes for Photoshop.

He offers a wide variety of brushes that simulate natural media, such as pencils, oils, impasto paint, pastels, watercolors, and even halftones!

His brush packs will inspire you, and bring new life to your digital work! They are all really fun to use, and very affordable!

Kyle's Halftone Brushes
Kyle's Concept Brushes
Kyle's Impasto Brushes
Kyle's Watercolors


So you've added a bunch of awesome new brushes to Photoshop, but can't figure out how to organize them?

Derrick Barth has created BrushBox, a preset manager panel that helps you organize your brush and tool presets into color coded groups. It's light and fast, and stays synced with your presets. Stop wasting time hunting for your favorite brushes!

BrushBox Photoshop Panel


Coolorus is a must-have color wheel plugin for Photoshop!

Coolorus Photoshop Color Wheel

AD Brutus Symmetry

Working with symmetry is a lot of fun, and can help you explore design ideas very quickly.

Alex Dukal has created a very cool Photoshop CC+ panel that lets you quickly flip and mirror sections of your drawing! Check it out at the Creative Market.

Roman's Creative Stylus Brushes

Roman's Brushes

Roman Melentyev is an artist who specializes in custom brushes and design tools for Photoshop.

He offers various effects brushes such as shadows, lights, and flames, and drawing brushes such as digital inks, pencils, and airbrushes.

Check these out, along with other awesome tools, at the Creative Market!