Renew Your License

If you would like to renew your Lazy Nezumi Pro license, or add more users to it, please enter your product key and click next.

You can copy/paste your product key from the Help/About Lazy Nezumi Pro menu in the program. You can also click on the Renew License button of the License Renewal message window to login directly.

After logging in, you'll also have the option of downloading the last version supported by your license.

Renewal Policy

When you purchase a license, you also get access to one year of free updates, starting from your date of purchase. After a year, you can of course keep using your last installed version.

If you wish to install and use updates released after your free update period, you must renew your license for one or more years. We guarantee that the yearly renewal fee will never be higher than 40% of the latest license price. You may wait as long as you want before renewing.

Lost License

If you've lost your license, please use this page to have it resent.