Lost License

If you've lost a previously purchased license, you can click here to have it resent. GMail users: your license email will probably be in your Promotions folder.

General Inquiries

If you have a question, comment or suggestion regarding Lazy Nezumi Pro, please send us an email at contact@lazynezumi.com. We love hearing from our users, and try to reply to all our emails promptly!


If you have a problem or need help with Lazy Nezumi Pro, you can contact us at support@lazynezumi.com.

Emails sent to this address go directly to the developer, so to save everyone some time, please check the troubleshooting section of the Frequently Asked Questions page first. Also, be sure to try the latest official version (, as it's possible we've already fixed your issue in an update.

When writing, please describe your problem and include your system information, your tablet model, and the name of the art software you are using with Lazy Nezumi Pro.

In the unlikely event of an application crash, Windows will have stored information about it. Please download this utility, run it, and then send us the generated LazyNezumiPro_crashlog.txt file. Lazy Nezumi Pro also generates its own logs. You can find them via the Help/Send Logs menu. Please send those as well.